Jason D. Boyer always had an eye for detail
which is evident in his images. Boyer’s desire to seek perfection is reflective
in his photography. After graduating from Vincennes University in Indiana, Boyer
perfected his photography skills at the Herron School of Art associated with
Indiana/Purdue University in Indianapolis.

At an early age, Jason was enticed with the
works of two midwest media artists, one a still photographer and the other a
cinema photographer. Working with a variety of still and cinema photographers
provided him a sense of his own creative style. During an eight year period, he
assisted artists at a regional as well as a national commercial level gaining
experience in the field which has brought many assets to his style. His
experiences working as an assistant cameraman has enhanced his skills of
obtaining the essence of the subjects he films.

Boyer has a natural sense for capturing
certain images associated with everyday life experiences. Many of his works are
based on spontaneous feelings and the ability to react at those specific moments
to record them on film. Boyer’s sharp eye for form and lighting ensures the
special qualities found in his images.

Jason is absolutely devoted to providing a
quality product for his clients whether it is for still or cinema photography.
In each project, Boyer’s integrity is reflective in his photographic images and
his continuous aspiration for perfection is evident in the final product.